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Best Bunion Corrector without surgery

Before we discuss Best Bunion Corrector to avoid surgical method, go through some detail about Bunion.

Bunion also known as HALLUS VALGUS is a foot disease which caused the deformity of the big toe of base joint. This deformity results the foot to rub on shoes and creates pain.

Reasons for the use of Bunion Corrector

These are some of the factors which increases the risk of Bunion:

  • High heel
  • Shoes fitting
  • Inherited foot type
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Women are in more risk of having Bunion as compare to men because women are normally wearing tight shoes with high heel which caused the foot turn into unnatural shape as the time passes.

Problems caused by Bunions

  • Bunion cause difficulty in walking due to pain.
  • Bunion caused the foot to become wide and it will be difficult to find the proper fitted shoes.
  • Bunion may result in Arthritis in the big toe.
  • It ultimately deformed the second toe.

Some procedures to cure Bunion, their effectiveness and cost

Bunion-1Local means
It can have side effects, i.e. allergic reactions. Weak effects.
Effectiveness: 12% Price: $120
Bunion-2Stretching, massage, physiotherapy
This can be effective at the early stages of the condition, but should not be considered a method of treatment by itself
Effectiveness: 25% Price: $175
Bunion-3Surgical intervention
Pain and post-operative complications, can provoke a bout of secondary deformation
Effectiveness: 54% Price: $ 350
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